About Me – Patrick Noel Daly

I was born and raised in a place called Garryvoe, a little seaside village in County Cork, Ireland. Our parents owned a small business and they taught us how to be entrepreneurial.

At 14 and 15 years old I worked in a food van on the beach for my summer holidays. That was hard work but I learned how to run a business and provide customer service.

At 24 I started Autolink. That was a car sourcing search engine. I loved that business. It did well.

At 27 I designed and patented a special school bag/rucksack style product to help kids carry heavy loads of books when going to school. I won a national enterprise award on national TV for that product.

I was the Under 30 National Young Entrepreneur in Ireland and youngest managing director in the country.

Since then, I’ve designed, developed products and businesses across global markets, mostly using my background in medical and healthcare.

I successfully exited businesses I had started. In between my own startups I took senior roles with large global corporations.

I left Ireland at the end of a long marriage back in 2018. I took a couple of years to travel the world to see this amazing place we live. With our new virtual business world I can support entrepreneurs and businesses globally.

I now mentor and consult with businesses of all sizes.

I’ve recently developed and launched CUSHEE, a self-inflating, adjustable cushion which can be used anywhere you want to sit for longer, such as at a game, at home, in the car/truck or in the office.

Since leaving Ireland in 2018 I have written a business book for startups and entrepreneurs and I’ve just finished writing my first children’s book. A portion of the profits are going to children’s charities and children’s hospitals.

I like to cook and create new dishes👨‍🍳
I’m a Rugby fan and I like motorsports.
I listen to all music and I love to sing.
I write what my friends call “Instapoems”- they give me a word and a 15 minute deadline to write a poem. Thankfully I haven’t failed a challenge yet 😊